WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH before marathon

Why hello there.

It’s been a little to long, I know. I disconnected my facebook a month ago because I’ve had so much on my mind and wanted to really put my focus on one thing, “First Marathon” between facing runner’s burnout for my first time ever, which is common with marathon training, and numerous kinds of training I knew that I needed to do, yoga, strength, running(speed, tempo, long run), and spinning sessions, it has been a LONG road! But, yet, totally worth it. So get ready for plenty of pictures and a good lengthy good recap on the race. 🙂 Shall we….


After saying farewell to my little town. I headed up to my friend’s house and rode to Wrightsville Beach with them. It was my first time going to this particular beach that is near Wilmington. May I say, it was VERY flat! Then again, I come from a state(Tennessee) full of hills and mountains.


Before I headed out, I got my playlist set up, used my $15 giftcard and also used my older favorite running songs. After all that, I had over 5 hours worth of music for the playlist. I even picked up my Earthlete packet a few weeks ago from Earth Fare that I was accepted into a few months back and couldn’t believe it. 🙂


My friend Erin was running the marathon and was planning to try and qualify for the Boston marathon and her husband was running the half marathon. So, her and I carb loaded, like crazy. Two of out friends came later to cheer us on and hung out with us some during the weekend.

We had this ginormous bowl of YUM at a restaurant called, “Tower 7” right near the beach. It was delicious and great if you’re vegan! I don’t usually EVER eat fried food but honestly, I had eaten almost every bit of that.


It was a little chilly but not to bad. The beach was great and I even hunted seashells for my coworkers back at home. I didn’t get in the ocean but Erin and Nena’s husband did for a bit and they said it was quite cold.

We stayed at one of the hotels(Holiday Inn Express) that the race website recommended and for only $80 a night, it was really nice. They even had breakfast started for the runners at like, 3 or 4 am ready.

To be continued…..


2 thoughts on “WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH before marathon

  1. It sounds like you had a great trip to Wrightsville! So glad you got your earth fare shirt and packet too. I love that water bottle and backpack, but my shirt is a little big. And that discount rocks too :).

    Hooray for your hotel having breakfast ready super early for the runners~ I love when communities support the runners like that!

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