Day 19 of 21 Day Challenge of No Desserts review. I plan to stop here….

So I come from a family that LOVES desserts. LOOOOOOOOOOOVES! Did I make that clear enough?

I never cared much for soda(except for at birthday parties when I was little, I really knew how to party. Ha!) and fried food wasn’t much of my thing, one of those things that I’d eat very rarely.

But when it came to sweets, especially around that “time of month” I wanted chocolate like NOW! I’ve always been like that. Not much the salty, but more the sweet.


Anyway, one of my bloggers that I’ve been following for quite some time Janae(hungryrunnergirl) is a killer runner, not literally, but A-MAZING with the cutest little girl. But, she loves sweets as much if not more than I do.

She decided to take on the 21 day challenge. Now, when I first started, I called it, “21 Day No Sugar Challenge” where you shouldn’t eat anything with sugar(bread, crackers, desserts, cereals, maple syrup, etc.)

But, then I figured that desserts are more of my biggest weakness so that’s why I switched it to “21 Day No Dessert Challenge”.


Let’s begin with the pro’s and con’s of this challenge……..


1. I felt less irritable, bloated, and slightly less fatigued from that “time of month”.

2. I had to eat fruit to curb my cravings. Which helped, a lot! Bring on the peaches and fruit trays!

3. The more vegetables I ate the less I craved the sweets and crap, even during the “time of month”.

4. I lost 3-4lbs. Not a lot but every little bit counts.

5. I got to eat PB more crazy comfortably because I didn’t have as much “fattening” food in my diet since sweets are kicked out.


1. The first few days will be the hardest. You will feel irritable, fatigued, lost, and hopeless.

2. It may be a little hard at events with desserts around you but stick to your guns.

3. Family and friends will be pressuring you more to eat dessert at events.



I hid the Enjoy Life Chocolate chips in the house. That helped, A LOT!

When friends/family/coworkers tried to encourage me to eat a piece of cake or frozen yogurt, I just told them no thanks and pushed the dessert away and told them the challenge that I’m doing. They understood and accepted.

Make sure there’s NO special events coming up before you take on the challenge, *cough* my dad’s 50th birthday *cough*.

I was in charge of making the cake, so I ate, brushed my teeth, and listened to music through ear buds to ignore the taunting from the cake batter and cream cheese icing to try them.

I downloaded a picture off google that says, “Keep Calm and No Sugar” and set it as my lock screen background on my phone, that helped a lot. 🙂

When I was facing a dessert and/or saw other people around me eating a dessert, I reminded myself how I’d feel physically/mentally if I would have eaten it.


The point is, it’s good to challenge ourselves to prove that we can escape from an addiction. Like an alcoholic, smoker, etc. sugar is also one of the most addicting things out there, I mean, look at oreos. I haven’t eaten one in years and now I’m afraid to even have one because I can get addicted to chocolate sugary dreamy desserts easily. Seriously.

The reason why I stopped at day 19 is because it IS my dad’s 50th birthday part today and I want to enjoy it with a slice of cake(maybe) and not restrict myself.

I now see, that I can overcome the temptations and challenges that are thrown at me.

Maybe, down the road though, I will do the full blown 21 Day No SUGAR Challenge. But for now, I’m going to enjoy myself and work on not going as crazy with desserts as I had before. 🙂

Yes, I would recommend this challenge to anyone that is willing to take it on and if you do, good freakin luck! 😉




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