Did I Like The Detox?


I can’t believe it’s been one year since I joined Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina are amazing ladies.
They’re absolutely free to use to, unless you buy the nutrition plan($150) which I did and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! They’re protein(Perfect Fit) is the only plant based protein I’ve found that works for me. I’ve tried whey in the past along with pea and brown rice protein and my body seems to do better with this one. PLUS, all natural and only like 5-6 ingredients in it AND delicious! How can you beat that? 🙂
You can choose the meal plan as vegetarian, meat eater, vegan, or all.


Plus, the community is AMAZING and you do your check ins either on twitter, facebook, instagram, or their own TIU community. So, accountability is very strong and VERY supportive and inspiring women of every age, color, and size. 🙂

Anyway, I could go on and on about them but we’re here about the detox, so, shall we….

^^^What’s included in the meal plan^^^

You can either choose the 5 Day Slimdown or the 7 Day Slimdown, I did the 7 Day Slimdown before Christmas and LOVED it and decided to go for it again since it was the final week of the Love Your Body series before Valentine’s and all the women were doing.


I’m going to give you a list of the pro’s and a list of the con’s…..


**You’re cleaning out your system with an ALL NATURAL detox. I tried a detox once a couple or so years ago from Walgreens and hated it.

**The meals are the same almost everyday which makes it easier.

**You feel more healthy and know that you’re doing your body some good.

**You’re craving less junk food.

**You still get to work out, 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening, have to make sure that you include abs.

**If you have one slip up, they’re not that strict, they just say to stay as close as possible to the plan the next day, which I did. 🙂


**Your energy level is going to not be as high as usual so your workouts(if you do) will be less intense.

**The first time I did this, it was that time of the month and I had a migraine on and off 2-3 days in a row. This time around, I didn’t get any headaches but got dizzy a couple of times and felt like I was out of it. But, felt okay, my workouts were much more of a struggle

**NO SWEETS AND NO CARBS(breads, rice, pasta, etc.) and no dairy(I don’t do dairy anyway) for the whole 7 days

**The Meta-D(fat burner) that you have to take before or with breakfast for days 1-4 definitely has a kick to it because, it’s 1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 TBSP of PURE Apple Juice, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper. So, I have to drink it quick, and it burns like no other.

**You have to buy the nutrition plan to do the detox.

**You could have withdrawals, that’s how you know how addicted your body was to junk.

So, overall, it’s an excellent detox and I definitely plan to do it again.
All it is….

M1)Morning Scramble(I used tofu scramble with some veggies) and another morning, Perfect Fit protein pancakes.

M2) Grapefruit(natural fat burner) or another kind of fruit, I used Grapefruit for the 7 days. I LOVE ME SOME GRAPEFRUIT. 😉

3) 2 cups of veggies with 1 cup of spinach and a 4 oz protein(I used my homemade bean patties) and a piece of fruit as dessert.

4) One of their slimdown smoothies or 1-2 cups raw vegetables with hummus. I LOVED the one with 2 TBSP of PB, scoop of Perfect Fit Protein, 1 cup nondairy milk, and some ice all blended together, one of my favorite snacks.

5) 2 cups of green vegetables with 6 oz of protein(I used tempeh).

6) decaf tea or yogurt

They change it up on certain days but this is pretty much it. 🙂

My results…


I definitely, HIGHLY, most certainly, recommend this detox! 🙂

So, there you have it, down 4-5 lbs and I could tell my water weight went down too. It’s especially great for a big upcoming event. 😉


Behind the Camera


As I look out my window on the cloudy day and listen to my John Mayer Pandora I start reminiscing on the older pictures that I took 6-7 years ago.
I start to realize how fast time flies, time goes on by and then we won’t realize until, sometimes, it’s to late.

If someone asked me today, “Kayla, what was your first camera?” I’d have to say, sadly, my cell phone, which was the Env 1 by Verizon.” But, honestly, my first real camera, I believe, was a Nikon or Samsung. Not the fanciest, but it did it’s job well. I remember when I got my first professional camera, on Christmas day, I was smiling from ear to ear.

IPhone pics 150

When I was young, I’d ask my parents, “Can I PLEASE borrow the camcorder for a bit?!” of course, back then, it was a huge black camcorder, but I’d go around videoing like crazy, just random videos around the house. I was always so excited. I finally got my first mini camcorder in my early teens and made plenty of videos and some so stupid, I don’t understand why I posted them.

When I was a preteen, I’d make layouts for people off a game site I’d use called, “Horseland” and I’d also make a few websites on my own, I was a fan of HTML codes. I could spend hours on a comp just editing away and getting new ideas.

WILLOW!! 2011 017

Rather I’d be asking my friends if they model for me.
Rather it’d be photo sessions I was asked to do.
Rather it’d be pictures of horses I was selling that were mine or someone else’s.
Sometimes, I’d see a good shot and have an idea and ask them to take the pic of me.
I don’t know how many pictures or discs I have of pictures, I’ve lost count. Ha!

Either way, I’ve been photography obsessed since I don’t know when.

Ride em and love em 005

Point is, life is going to keep passing, and until we stop to take it in, no matter the moment, good or bad, you could miss out on SO much.

When I take pictures, it’s about the moment, present, something to just cherish and look back on.
I get upset sometimes if I miss out on a great opportunity to get a picture.
So, stop and breathe in the moment.
Take in the details of life and look at the big picture while you’re at it.

Anyone can look at a picture very closely, but until you step back, you won’t see the real moment.
The world and life is like a canvas, embrace every bit.

My art.
My passion.
My love.
Not a day goes by without one kind of picture to take.


So, grab a seat or take an adventure and live in the moment.