Did I Like The Detox?


I can’t believe it’s been one year since I joined Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina are amazing ladies.
They’re absolutely free to use to, unless you buy the nutrition plan($150) which I did and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! They’re protein(Perfect Fit) is the only plant based protein I’ve found that works for me. I’ve tried whey in the past along with pea and brown rice protein and my body seems to do better with this one. PLUS, all natural and only like 5-6 ingredients in it AND delicious! How can you beat that? 🙂
You can choose the meal plan as vegetarian, meat eater, vegan, or all.


Plus, the community is AMAZING and you do your check ins either on twitter, facebook, instagram, or their own TIU community. So, accountability is very strong and VERY supportive and inspiring women of every age, color, and size. 🙂

Anyway, I could go on and on about them but we’re here about the detox, so, shall we….

^^^What’s included in the meal plan^^^

You can either choose the 5 Day Slimdown or the 7 Day Slimdown, I did the 7 Day Slimdown before Christmas and LOVED it and decided to go for it again since it was the final week of the Love Your Body series before Valentine’s and all the women were doing.


I’m going to give you a list of the pro’s and a list of the con’s…..


**You’re cleaning out your system with an ALL NATURAL detox. I tried a detox once a couple or so years ago from Walgreens and hated it.

**The meals are the same almost everyday which makes it easier.

**You feel more healthy and know that you’re doing your body some good.

**You’re craving less junk food.

**You still get to work out, 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening, have to make sure that you include abs.

**If you have one slip up, they’re not that strict, they just say to stay as close as possible to the plan the next day, which I did. 🙂


**Your energy level is going to not be as high as usual so your workouts(if you do) will be less intense.

**The first time I did this, it was that time of the month and I had a migraine on and off 2-3 days in a row. This time around, I didn’t get any headaches but got dizzy a couple of times and felt like I was out of it. But, felt okay, my workouts were much more of a struggle

**NO SWEETS AND NO CARBS(breads, rice, pasta, etc.) and no dairy(I don’t do dairy anyway) for the whole 7 days

**The Meta-D(fat burner) that you have to take before or with breakfast for days 1-4 definitely has a kick to it because, it’s 1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 TBSP of PURE Apple Juice, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper. So, I have to drink it quick, and it burns like no other.

**You have to buy the nutrition plan to do the detox.

**You could have withdrawals, that’s how you know how addicted your body was to junk.

So, overall, it’s an excellent detox and I definitely plan to do it again.
All it is….

M1)Morning Scramble(I used tofu scramble with some veggies) and another morning, Perfect Fit protein pancakes.

M2) Grapefruit(natural fat burner) or another kind of fruit, I used Grapefruit for the 7 days. I LOVE ME SOME GRAPEFRUIT. 😉

3) 2 cups of veggies with 1 cup of spinach and a 4 oz protein(I used my homemade bean patties) and a piece of fruit as dessert.

4) One of their slimdown smoothies or 1-2 cups raw vegetables with hummus. I LOVED the one with 2 TBSP of PB, scoop of Perfect Fit Protein, 1 cup nondairy milk, and some ice all blended together, one of my favorite snacks.

5) 2 cups of green vegetables with 6 oz of protein(I used tempeh).

6) decaf tea or yogurt

They change it up on certain days but this is pretty much it. 🙂

My results…


I definitely, HIGHLY, most certainly, recommend this detox! 🙂

So, there you have it, down 4-5 lbs and I could tell my water weight went down too. It’s especially great for a big upcoming event. 😉


Behind the Camera


As I look out my window on the cloudy day and listen to my John Mayer Pandora I start reminiscing on the older pictures that I took 6-7 years ago.
I start to realize how fast time flies, time goes on by and then we won’t realize until, sometimes, it’s to late.

If someone asked me today, “Kayla, what was your first camera?” I’d have to say, sadly, my cell phone, which was the Env 1 by Verizon.” But, honestly, my first real camera, I believe, was a Nikon or Samsung. Not the fanciest, but it did it’s job well. I remember when I got my first professional camera, on Christmas day, I was smiling from ear to ear.

IPhone pics 150

When I was young, I’d ask my parents, “Can I PLEASE borrow the camcorder for a bit?!” of course, back then, it was a huge black camcorder, but I’d go around videoing like crazy, just random videos around the house. I was always so excited. I finally got my first mini camcorder in my early teens and made plenty of videos and some so stupid, I don’t understand why I posted them.

When I was a preteen, I’d make layouts for people off a game site I’d use called, “Horseland” and I’d also make a few websites on my own, I was a fan of HTML codes. I could spend hours on a comp just editing away and getting new ideas.

WILLOW!! 2011 017

Rather I’d be asking my friends if they model for me.
Rather it’d be photo sessions I was asked to do.
Rather it’d be pictures of horses I was selling that were mine or someone else’s.
Sometimes, I’d see a good shot and have an idea and ask them to take the pic of me.
I don’t know how many pictures or discs I have of pictures, I’ve lost count. Ha!

Either way, I’ve been photography obsessed since I don’t know when.

Ride em and love em 005

Point is, life is going to keep passing, and until we stop to take it in, no matter the moment, good or bad, you could miss out on SO much.

When I take pictures, it’s about the moment, present, something to just cherish and look back on.
I get upset sometimes if I miss out on a great opportunity to get a picture.
So, stop and breathe in the moment.
Take in the details of life and look at the big picture while you’re at it.

Anyone can look at a picture very closely, but until you step back, you won’t see the real moment.
The world and life is like a canvas, embrace every bit.

My art.
My passion.
My love.
Not a day goes by without one kind of picture to take.


So, grab a seat or take an adventure and live in the moment.


Tone It Up 7 Day Slimdown Review


Hello ladies and maybe men!

Well, what was supposed to be a video review turned out to be a written review because unfortunately, the video was not able to download.


Week before last, I admitted that I am addicted to sugar, BAD. Really BAD. In fact, my post specifically about this subject is below this one.

I had a weird dream last Saturday night and the next morning I awoke with “Detox” on my brain. So, it was a toss up between Happy Herbivore’s Detox OR a bit more intense, Tone It Up Slimdown 7 Day Detox.

I felt nasty and I knew physically/mentally I had to do something. Sugar was taking over. I tried a detox before from a pharmacy and couldn’t finish it. In fact, it was a Jillian Michael’s detox.

a href=”https://eatsnrun.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/image5.jpg”>image

I’ve been a part of Tone It Up since March of this year and love Karena & Katrina and how they help us females, young and old.

Plus, the protein powder is A-MAZING! I’ve tried a lot of other vegan protein powders but this one takes the cake.

But, let’s get back to the detox review.

The first Days 1-4 I had to drink a Meta-D first thing in the morning after my 30 min workout. Which, they call, bootycall. That’s right ladies, got to get your bootycall in first thing in the morning!

So after my workout I’d down a Meta-D which is a fat burner/metabolism booster. As shown…..


*picture from my instagram

A Meta-D is 1 tbsp of PURE Apple Juice(no concentrate), 1 tbsp of apple cider, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper.

It’s something that you do NOT drink slow. You’ve got to drink it fast and get it over with. It has a kick to it and burns as it’s going down.

Days 1-3: Headache, draggy, drained, and irritable. I got a migraine, which never happens usually and when it does they hit hard.

Day 4: My headaches disappeared(thank God!) and I then was majorly craving carbs. Still slightly draggy.

Day 5: I was feeling a bit better, but, I skipped M4 and did the same thing on Day 4 as well and that was a BIG mistake. I was starved before dinner time. DON’T skip your meals!

Day 6: I was feeling even more better. Day 5 & 6 I felt energized, highly energized and felt amazing.

Day 7: Back to feeling normal but healthier and cleaner. MUCh cleaner.

This detox is ONLY fruits, vegetables, and protein. NOTHING else!

That also have a 5 Day Slimdown.

Pictured is a preview of my meals this week. My protein powder came late so I didn’t get to have my protein pancakes till later in the week and it was worth the wait! 😀


*Pictures from my instagram

The only slip up I had during this whole thing was a small Soymilk chai tea latte. But overall, I am quite proud of myself indeed. 🙂

Pounds lost: About 4 pounds.

Picture of my result. The top is before and the bottom is after, you can see a small difference, I’ve still got some more to lose but I’m working on it.


Some piece of advice…..

*Keep pain meds handy for headaches.

*Have an accountability partner. Me and another tone it up woman(Jan_tiu) kept each other accountable and we did our check ins each morning and each night to keep each other motivated.

*I noticed my fingers were a lot less puffy by the end of the week which is awesome!

*Stay hydrated! Remember, your body is cleaning itself and you WILL feel nasty at times.

*STAY on top of your meals! Do NOT skip!

*Still hungry? Listen to your body and add more protein and veggies.

*I used the vegan version of this detox.

Would I do it again? Yes!

Would I recommend it to others? YES!

I love this kind of detox.

Workouts: 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins during lunch break or in the evenings with an Ab routine.

I am still doing P90X3 so I took part in it in the mornings and then in the evenings or at lunch(usually) I ran, elliptical, or spin bike.

Yes, it seems intimidating, I mean, you’re going without carbs and sugar for an entire week of just greens, protein, and fruit. Period. But, stick with it and it’ll totally be worth it.

It’s a great jump start to a new beginning!

So definitely, check it out! 🙂


The Struggle is Real.

Today, I’m opening up about something that I quite honestly wasn’t going to open up about because of embarrassment. I’ve had this struggle for quite sometime now and I finally broke down and told my parents and brother about it recently. They, were shocked by how bad I really am.

I really wasn’t thrilled about making a post about this but I felt pulled and called too. Because, hopefully, I could reach out to others and prove to them they’re not the only ones.

Some of you have heard that I’ve gone through a year of major depression, I have an anxiety disorder, once a meat eater(then vegetarian and now vegan(2yrs)), a retired marathoner, and going through my own struggles and figuring out my life career daily like some.

But, there’s ONE thing that I have never mentioned because I didn’t think it was that bad but over the past year or so I’ve noticed it more and more and it’s getting worse. Point? I was living in denial with it.

I am going through an addiction.

We all have heard of the drugs, smoking, pornography, money, certain possessions, alcoholic, and amongst others. But, mine is one that we hear of quite often as well and some people have it worse than others and I unfortunately, am one of these people.

It’s a struggle I’ve dealt with for years but, like I said, I lived in denial.


Yes, my addiction is S.U.G.A.R. Now some may think, “Oh come on! Seriously? We were expecting something more major.” But, it is. Sugar is literally like a drug for me. I eat the certain treats and I get hooked in a snap. If it’s not in my house, I’ll go to the store and buy a bag as an excuse to make something or create something as an excuse to lick the bowl or I’ll cut slices of cake or something and transfer it to a plate as an excuse to eat the leftover crumbs, and whatever else just to get that sugar in my mouth.

I’ve thrown away a pie, brownies, and 1/2 a cake because I got into the leftovers and couldn’t hardly stop. IF it’s around me or in the house I want it and I want it now rather it’s that time of month or not.


I  loved how it makes me feel at times, it is like my high. Not the good kind either.

Then other times, it’d make me feel irritable, angry with myself, nasty, and I just tell myself I’ll start over again tomorrow. But, when my “drug” is around me again it pulls me in and takes me over like a blanket but one I can’t escape from.

I finally HAD to get help. I feel myself slowly inching my way back into depression because of my addiction controlling me. Even though, I’m facing other struggles right now this is one of my biggest ones.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore so one night, recently, as I was about to turn out my lights for bed, I emailed Lindsay Nixon(Happy Herbivore) a long email with my own questions added on what to do. One of her employees emailed me back telling me she was in Asia at the time but will let her know to get back to me and so she gave some helpful links from Lindsay’s website to read until she got back.

Then, a week later, Lindsay emailed me back, herself, with a long reply and answered some of my questions. She told me that they have an online anonymous support group for people like me that meets 1-2x’s a month. I recently joined and hope it helps.

I pray to God every night, practically beg Him even through tears at times to help me get through this terrible struggle that’s eating me up inside. I so hate it. SO hate it. My dad is even willing to hide sweets IF he gets any in the house and it’s my goal to not go and buy any.

I, at least know now, that I’m not the only one walking this hard journey of recovery alone. Lindsay also told me that if not coming up with dessert recipes anymore, not making desserts for special occasions, not making desserts for holidays, and whatever else would help me not give in then I should DO IT! So,because of my serious addiction, I plan to not come up with anymore dessert recipes nor be making desserts for holidays, events, and special occasions anymore.

But, with God’s help, my new support group I signed up for, and other supports, I really believe I can get through this. Faith is what I really must have too.

The first step to recovery is “accept” and I now I accept that I AM an addict.

No more hiding about. No more avoiding it.

This, is my addiction, I, am an addict, and this is my time to take a stand. I know it will NOT be easy! But I can overcome with the proper help.



Day 19 of 21 Day Challenge of No Desserts review. I plan to stop here….

So I come from a family that LOVES desserts. LOOOOOOOOOOOVES! Did I make that clear enough?

I never cared much for soda(except for at birthday parties when I was little, I really knew how to party. Ha!) and fried food wasn’t much of my thing, one of those things that I’d eat very rarely.

But when it came to sweets, especially around that “time of month” I wanted chocolate like NOW! I’ve always been like that. Not much the salty, but more the sweet.


Anyway, one of my bloggers that I’ve been following for quite some time Janae(hungryrunnergirl) is a killer runner, not literally, but A-MAZING with the cutest little girl. But, she loves sweets as much if not more than I do.

She decided to take on the 21 day challenge. Now, when I first started, I called it, “21 Day No Sugar Challenge” where you shouldn’t eat anything with sugar(bread, crackers, desserts, cereals, maple syrup, etc.)

But, then I figured that desserts are more of my biggest weakness so that’s why I switched it to “21 Day No Dessert Challenge”.


Let’s begin with the pro’s and con’s of this challenge……..


1. I felt less irritable, bloated, and slightly less fatigued from that “time of month”.

2. I had to eat fruit to curb my cravings. Which helped, a lot! Bring on the peaches and fruit trays!

3. The more vegetables I ate the less I craved the sweets and crap, even during the “time of month”.

4. I lost 3-4lbs. Not a lot but every little bit counts.

5. I got to eat PB more crazy comfortably because I didn’t have as much “fattening” food in my diet since sweets are kicked out.


1. The first few days will be the hardest. You will feel irritable, fatigued, lost, and hopeless.

2. It may be a little hard at events with desserts around you but stick to your guns.

3. Family and friends will be pressuring you more to eat dessert at events.



I hid the Enjoy Life Chocolate chips in the house. That helped, A LOT!

When friends/family/coworkers tried to encourage me to eat a piece of cake or frozen yogurt, I just told them no thanks and pushed the dessert away and told them the challenge that I’m doing. They understood and accepted.

Make sure there’s NO special events coming up before you take on the challenge, *cough* my dad’s 50th birthday *cough*.

I was in charge of making the cake, so I ate, brushed my teeth, and listened to music through ear buds to ignore the taunting from the cake batter and cream cheese icing to try them.

I downloaded a picture off google that says, “Keep Calm and No Sugar” and set it as my lock screen background on my phone, that helped a lot. 🙂

When I was facing a dessert and/or saw other people around me eating a dessert, I reminded myself how I’d feel physically/mentally if I would have eaten it.


The point is, it’s good to challenge ourselves to prove that we can escape from an addiction. Like an alcoholic, smoker, etc. sugar is also one of the most addicting things out there, I mean, look at oreos. I haven’t eaten one in years and now I’m afraid to even have one because I can get addicted to chocolate sugary dreamy desserts easily. Seriously.

The reason why I stopped at day 19 is because it IS my dad’s 50th birthday part today and I want to enjoy it with a slice of cake(maybe) and not restrict myself.

I now see, that I can overcome the temptations and challenges that are thrown at me.

Maybe, down the road though, I will do the full blown 21 Day No SUGAR Challenge. But for now, I’m going to enjoy myself and work on not going as crazy with desserts as I had before. 🙂

Yes, I would recommend this challenge to anyone that is willing to take it on and if you do, good freakin luck! 😉




“Stupid” Feelings

This post will be hard for me to show, but, after years, I feel like it’s time too. I hope it helps you with whatever struggles you’re going through. Especially when it comes to school, life, relationships, jobs, etc.


When I was in grade school, before my brother and I were homeschooled, I struggled, BAD. I’d come home, when I was in 4th grade with homework, the worse one was math. I’d try, try, and try as hard as I could to understand it, but I had a hard time with it. My mom would try to help me, but, I’d just end up in tears, bawling my eyes out calling myself “Stupid”. She’d try to calm me by saying that I wasn’t stupid, that I was made special, the way God made me.

I then started getting bad migraines, a lot, and my parents thought I needed glasses, which then found out, it was just the stress of all the homework. I came home a couple of times, leaving my homework back at school to say I didn’t have any.

When I was at school, we would do multiplication speed tests, I ALWAYS got most of the problems wrong, the embarrassing part? Once we finished, we had to switch our papers with the student in front of us and we had to check each other’s own work to see if they were correct.

I had a few times where the math teacher would try to help me. I’d try to fix my mistakes when she handed the paper back to me and I’d still get them wrong, so I’d try to hold the tears back, right in class.

I also had a hard time, for years, learning how to count change.

My new horse Willow 10 085

When I hit 9th grade, mom felt a strong calling from God to homeschool my brother and I, to this day, I don’t regret it.

But, my math and learning challenges were still following me.

I still cried through my high school years, comparing myself to my brother, who I always felt was smarter then me. While my mom was trying her hardest to encourage me and be positive.

I tried to do pre algebra, wasn’t good at it, but tried. I never took Algebra 1 nor 2 nor any of the higher levels of math. I finally told my parents that I wasn’t planning on going to college. I was angry, pure anger towards the higher levels of math. I had problems with simple math for a while too.

I could study and study and study for tests and still struggle. My mom tried to make it easier for me, but even then, I’d still have some struggles with testing.

I hated my brain, hated the way I was, wanting to scream to God, asking why over and over. I hated the ACT, despised it, disagreed to how a stupid number defined the person about getting in college or not.

I did graduate High School though with good grades, thankfully, but I had to work my ass off to get there.

WILLOW!! 2011 030

Horses is what kept my mind off of school through grade school and high school though.

I started to discover the things I was good at, focusing more on those then the stuff I wasn’t good at. I loved writing DEEP stories with meanings and still do at times. I even started writing a book called, “Moonseed”. I loved grammar and science throughout school. I was never good at any sports except for riding horses and later, running.

I found out more and more down the road that I craved physical challenges. I love pushing my body to the max.

I remember a scene in the first Rocky movie, when Rocky takes his future wife out on their first date and as they were ice skating around he was talking about his childhood and was saying how he can’t use his brain well, that fighting is all he’s good at.

That part spoke to me.

“It Ain’t How Hard You Hit…It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It’s About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward!” –Rocky

School hit me, hard, I struggled, BAD, but, I pulled through.


The thing is, we’re all here for a reason.

We can waste our energy by focusing on things we’re not good at or save our energy and focus on things that we are.

There’s a quote I used a few months back that I like to repeat to myself sometimes,

“There will always, always, always be someone better then you at something. But, your goal is to be okay with that and move forward, become a better you and just embrace the God given talent you have.”

Something like that I said. 🙂

Sure, I still struggle, I still have tears, especially when it comes to tests, it’ll never leave me, but, my goal should be to push through, quit comparing myself, give it my best and forget the rest.

I’m a late bloomer.

Mulan-quote Quotation-From-The-Movie-Mulan-inspirational-adversity-Meetville-Quotes-234498

Embrace it. Don’t fight it.



Quintiles Marathon Race Recap(first time marathon!)

On with the good stuff….


After a delicious carb filled breakfast at Cracker Barrel we headed to the 12 pm race information session, they had a 3 pm to but we chose the 12. The expo was in a large tent, not the biggest expo, but set up really well and nice! 🙂

All the workers were VERY friendly and they even had two maps(half and full marathon course) set up for us to see in more detail.


The man was VERY informative and answered questions well. Everyone was SO nice and very encouraging, the workers are probably some of the best I’ve ever dealt with and very welcoming.

Since the race was one loop ran twice, there was an aid station at EVERY mile with porta potties included. It was also a Boston Qualifying course and very flat with very little rolling hills here and there and the only real hill was going up to the bridge.

He also had to warn us, that there was 50 feet of metal mesh on the bridge that they could do nothing about and that we needed to pick our feet up or run on the side walk.

pic15 pic2

That night, we went to the pasta dinner at 7 pm. Frank shorter was the guest speaker, we had different kinds of pasta to choose from, a salad, bread, and banana pudding. Erin and I avoided sweets as much as possible leading up to the race for the 3 days and just focused on carbs, carbs, carbs. Now, for you all that don’t know who Frank Shorter is, he’s the last American to break the Olympic Marathon race in 1972(2 hrs and 12 mins) and no other American has beat it since. He was a super nice guy and even showed us a mini video of him in the 1972 marathon Olympics that was very inspiring.

The food was fabulous and they also gave away very cool door prizes. I also got to meet a chat with a couple of runners running their first full too.


The pasta dinner ended at 9 pm and we headed back to the hotel to get ready. I was a nervous wreck but was looking forward to using my new iphone armband and my headband that I also got from the expo. I also wore my favorite running leggings, Brooks Ghost 6, Balega thick socks, and my shirt I had made specially for the race that says, “Kayla Runs For”(front), “Team Maylin, Super Jake, and Teen Challenge”(back).


That morning, we had to get up 4:00 am and eat breakfast, the race started at 6:45 am. We bought oatmeal and bananas the night before so didn’t have to go downstairs to eat. I was already nervous and wished it would just go on and start at 5:45 am. I was pacing back and forth worried about the wall between miles 16-20. I packed 2 1/2 chomp packs and gu just in case and put them in my spibelt.

I also stuffed toilet paper in my little wrist zipper I got a while back.

They were also calling for rain. But, it was in the 50s outside that morning and felt chilly but not freezing, thankfully, and the rain wasn’t supposed to hit really till after the race.

We had to meet the trolley/buses at the shopping complex(at finish line) between 4:45 am and 6:15 am. We got there at 6:00 am and boarded.

We got there at 6:15 and jogged to the bathrooms as our mini warm up. But the time we got to the starting line, we had 10 mins left till they started the race.


I turned on my music(some Rocky Balboa themes in there 😉 ) and the race started. We were off.

There was only 500 + marathoners and over 2,000 half marathoners(go figure). The course was just gorgeous! When I ran across the first bridge I looked out at the harbor and the view was just breath taking in the early morning overcast.

By mile 3, the next bridge, there was an ambulance already there to pick up a girl that hurt her leg really bad from where she tripped on the metal mesh that the leader originally warned us about. I decided to go onto the side walk for the next 2 times I had to run the bridge again. There was another guy down to but didn’t look like he was hurt.

They had mile marks set well and the people at the aid stations were fabulous and so friendly!

I hung out here and there with a couple of runners throughout the course.

At mile 11, the half marathoners cut off and the marathoners go on. I was still feeling good and making sure I stayed fueled and hit every aid station I could, I took in water and Gatorade mixed usually. I’d also check in with myself physically/mentally.

At mile 18, they had it in red numbers, my guess is for the wall.


I was determined to NOT HIT THAT WALL though. I did plenty of yoga the week of race and fueled well throughout the week. I also had motivating music, people, and runners helping me.

By mile 19, the top of my left foot started hurting and I had to stop for a second to do foot strength moves for it, which helped.

At mile 25, they handed out beer. Some aid stations had orange slices with twizzlers, a lot had GU, and one had a quarter of a banana, which I did take.

I was so happy to see mile 26 and was ahead, later, of the 4:30 pacer. My friends were there cheering my on and I was all smiles and feeling strong.

pic6 pic3

I finished at 4:29:18 and came in 6th place out of 24 in my age group. My goal was 4:30 OR less and I reached it and finished my marathon with a medal and an experience I will NEVER forget!

After that, Erin and I went and took ice baths that we signed up for at a chiropractor place. They had the hot tub filled up with 45 degree water and it felt SO good, hurt, but felt great!


Erin was 6-8 minutes away from qualifying for the Boston, but, with her Kara Goucher training, she PRed by 10 mins from her last marathon. She’s a beast and one of my top inspirations.

pic7 pic4

After we changed clothes, we went to Brixx and I had me a 10 inch vegan pizza. May I say, it was my first time there and it was so DANG GOOD!

I also got me a 26.2 marathon sticker made. 🙂


So all and all, I loved the marathon a lot more than I thought I would. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush and honestly, I highly HIGHLY recommend running one if you are just a half marathoner right now. I loved every minute, pain and all. 🙂 This race, I highly recommend and wouldn’t mind running it again next year, half or full. It’s a perfect race for beginners, informative, on time, and very friendly and encouraging help! 🙂


Oh, and I’ve tried the new Cookies & Cream Quest Bar. DELICIOUS!

Until we meet again. Soon. Chow! 🙂